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May 09, 20241 min read

DNA Vibe products are the only red light therapy wearables made in the USA. All of DNA Vibe’s Jazz Bands feature unmatched patent-pending Intelligent Light Therapy technology which is light years ahead of the simplistic “wearable lights” made overseas. All Jazz Bands feature precision frequency controls, wavelength stabilization, advanced wave-form shaping, proportionate light diffusion for gentle and even distribution, and more. Plus, we stand behind every purchase with our 60-Day Good Vibes money-back guarantee:  feel better or your money back. In addition, this product is surprisingly affordable, easy to use, and wearable.


How Does It Work?

When our body experiences any form of injury, it instinctively kicks into action, jumpstarting DNA expression to rebuild healthy tissues and replace the damaged ones. DNA Vibe's patented technology is designed to actively stimulate and amplyfy the body's built in regenerative mechanisms. As the body fights to recover, DNA Vibe lends a helping hand! THe technology incorporates a choice of 4 modes of therapy, including red light, infrared light, microvibration and magnetic signaling.

If you have an injury that needs to heal, stop in at Regeneration Station! We have a DNA vibe demo you can try out before you buy and we have an inventory of products and services designed to regenerate the cells of your body which you can also check out while you are here. We look forward to seeing you soon!!

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Pam Keen

Pam Keen is a retired Navy Nurse and is owner of Regeneration Station in Pensacola

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