What's the difference between your biological age and your Chronological age?

How is your body Aging?

March 17, 20244 min read

When your body is aging faster than the calendar's progression of time, you are experiencing accelerated biological aging; which is the #1 predictor of chronic disease. Luckily, there are lifestyle and medical interventions proven to help slow, stop, or even reverse the biological aging processes in your body. At Regeneration Station we can now measure your biological age and pace of aging, giving you the power to steer your health and wellness journey in the right direction and the first step is to find out where you are currently.

Various factors can cause your body to age faster than it should. These include diet, lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, environmental pollution and psychological stress. Take me for instance. In my last post I talked about the effects of inflammation and stress on the body and its relationship to chronic illness. You can access that through the following link as a preface to this material: Inflammation, Stress and Chronic Illness (regenerationstation850.com)

I already talked about my personal health journey in another post you can access here. On the subject of biological age, 9 years ago at the age of 59 I had some biological age testing done and found out that my biological age test result showed I was 84. Imagine how I felt when a report that said my body was aging like an 84-year-old, and I had no idea what I could do about it but since that time I have searched for answers. Since I was a nurse by trade of course I searched for a doctor that would help me, but he only wanted to deal with my symptom of chronic pain and sent me to pain management specialist. I did not want to take narcotics, but I did go through several rounds of injections into my spine at several levels and later my shoulder, and they did not help except to provide some temporary relief. In 2019 I had to have a total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder which helped some, but then the pain moved to my left shoulder and I was back at the orthopedic doctor for treatment of "frozen shoulder". I changed doctors around that time and my new doctor told me part of my problem was chronic inflammation which was getting worse by the year. She suggested things I could do and supplements I could take which I did for over a year, but those things were not working either and from 2021-2022 my lab test showed my level inflammation was twice as high as it had been the year before. Thats when I stopped taking pharmaceuticals and going to pain management and took charge of my health journey once and for all.

I started reading about inflammation and ways to reduce it which included mostly dietary changing and getting toxins out of the body. A chiropractor I had seen a few years before told me I should try an anti-inflammatory diet, but when I looked at it the first time I thought it was just too hard to follow. The list of foods I could eat was smaller than the list of foods not to eat, that's for sure. I also started back to walking and stretching more, which were about the only things I could do in moderation so as not to make my pain worse. Click this link for the diet I followed which is known as the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet which I feel was at least a step in the right direction.  My pain was less, but not gone and my inflammation levels were still in the red zone!  So when I became aware of the amazing technology behind the Energy Enhance System TM, I decided to open a center in hopes of healing myself and others.  I was desperate to find the answer and after 10 months of being here and spending many hours in what I have come to call my Energy Sanctuary, and continuing to follow a healthy diet, I feel better than I have in about 20 years! My last physical in September 2023 showed my CRP was 0.4 which was well within the green zone(normal) so I finally decided to revisit the biological age testing and last month I sent off a blood sample to Tru Diagnostic, a leader in biological age testing.  After 3 weeks I got my results back.  The report indicated my biological age is now 60.4 years, and I am now actually 68.2 years old!  My current pace of aging score came in at 0.8, which means I am aging slower than others my age. This puts me at a much lower risk of chronic illnesses such as cardiac, stroke, cancer, type II diabetes and more. 

Regeneration Station has become a center where our members can come to have biological age testing done. Test kits can be purchased for $239.00 for the basic testing or $499.00 for more comprehensive testing and reports. Now I can officially give my testimony of age reversal and I can help others who are struggling to get on the path to restoring their health! 

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Pam Keen

Pam Keen is a retired Navy Nurse and is owner of Regeneration Station in Pensacola

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