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Take The Plunge

July 24, 20232 min read

Why should you take the plunge?

Cold Therapy has been around for a long time and can provide multiple health benefits for anyone.

Athletes have long used used ice baths to improve sports performance and recovery after injury, but my personal journey since being in a car accident many years ago has been one of chronic pain and low energy almost every day for 15+ years most likely caused by systemic inflammation. I tried everything available including pain management injections, physical therapy, chiropractic care, accu-puncture, massage, had 1 spinal and 3 shoulder surgeries starting in 1997. The last surgery was over 3 years ago and it was a total shoulder replacement. All these things provided temporary relief at best . I refused to be dependent on drugs so I never took narcotic pain pills except maybe for a week or so after major surgeries. I also used localized hot and cold therapy in the form of ice packs and cold gel packs for many years, that is until I purchased the cold plunge for my personal and my clients use at Regeneration Station.

My research has shown that consistent use of cold water baths between 39-59 degrees for as little as 11 minutes a week can help support the immune system, elevate your energy levels, boost your mood through increased production of the "feel good" hormones such, relieve stress, help you sleep better, and reduce pain and inflammation. At first the idea of getting into a cold tub was a little daunting, but I figured I had tried everything else and I was determined to get my inflammation under control.

I started using the plunge at 59 degrees for about 3 minutes each time, and currently after several weeks I am plunging at 54 degrees for approximately 5 minutes each time. I have also been spending time in the Energy Enhancement System (EE System) which you can read about in my last blog, and my results have been better than I ever expected they would be. I have been using both the cold plunge and the Energy Enhancement System for about 3 months now and I feel amazing every day!! I use the EE System about once a week and I try to plunge 3 times a week. I told my husband I am officially aging backwards. I am now 67 and I feel better than I have at any time in the past 15 years.

If you are committed to getting your pain and inflammation under control and want to feel better, don't hesitate, just call Regeneration station at 850-920-7222 today or visit my website at to see more information about how we can help you feel better and take your health to the next level. You will be glad you did.

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Pam Keen

Pam Keen is a retired Navy Nurse and is owner of Regeneration Station in Pensacola

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